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Charging in Brisbane

There are many places to charge your car in and around Brisbane. 

To make the most out of a charging session, we recommend that you use DC fast chargers. 

This type of charger will charge your vehicle at a significantly faster rate compared to AC chargers or charging from your wall at home.

So where can you find DC fast chargers?

Brisbane Airport, Toombul Shopping Centre, and Hamilton Northshore are some to name a few.

To find out which chargers are located near you and to stay up to date with station openings, check out PlugShare.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cars do you have?

Hyundai Ioniqs

What is the minimum vehicle rental period?

Four weeks. After four weeks you may return the vehicle at any time provided you give us one weeks notice.

Where can I charge the car?

First things first: download Plugshare. From there, filter your options to show you only Chargefox and Evie Networks charging stations. Charging fees on these networks will be covered by your lease.

Will you reimburse me for home charging?

No. We only cover charging at Chargefox and Evie Networks charging stations.

What can I use the car for?

Just about anything you like!

You as a driver will be insured to drive for most ride share and delivery services including Uber, DiDi and Amazon Flex.

What if I want to return the car for a week?

No problem! Just let us know a week in advance – that way you do not have to pay for the week you return it. Please note, however, we cannot guarantee a car will be available when you return.

What documents do you provide?

We provide you with the following documents: Booked Hire Service License (BHSL), Certificate of Currency (CoC) and a Vehicle Registration Certificate.

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