Most frequent questions and answers

Currently eMentum rents out all electric Hyundai Ioniqs.

You can use the car for whatever you like, however it is fully insured for use as ridesahre. Our insurance will allow you to drive with many services such as Uber, DiDi, Ola and Shebah. You can also use our cars for delivery services such as Amazon Flex, Sherpa, Zoom2U and many more.

There are a few options when it comes to charging the car. At public charging stations, you have the option between AC and DC fast chargers. We always recommend that you use DC fast chargers as these types of chargers will charge the vehicle at a significantly fast rate. 

DC fast chargers are popping up all over the country so there are lots of places to charge. Use Plugshare.com to find a charger near you.

There is also the option to charge at home. Just plug the cable into a standard outlet.

No problem. If you decide to leave town for a week or more, you can return the car as long as you give us one weeks notice. This way you don’t have to worry about paying your weekly fee while you’re away. Please note however that we cannot guarantee that there will be a car available for you when you return.

The minimum rental period is 4 weeks. After the 4-week period, you can return the car whenever you like as long as you give us one weeks notice.

We provide you with the following documents: Booked Hire Service License (BHSL), Certificate of Currency (CoC) and a Vehicle Registration Certificate.